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Matthew Howgego, NFU Mutual, Flimwell, East Sussex

These fillers are such a great idea, we sponsor many Equine events and they have proved to be very useful in terms of promoting our office and equally for the organisers to have a professional looking course, they are of high quality, great finish and are very durable, Equitility is a very friendly company to […]

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Please do feel free to use the video for promotion of your product if you feel it would be helpful in any way. We love our banners and, as you can see, so did the kids! It’s great that we can pack them up and take them to clinics and workshops anywhere in the country. […]

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Kathryn Croft-Baker

“I cant share the picture that was taken – but hope you can see the Tag.. Sarah was thrilled with the Team G Equestrian banner… – I think its up to about 40+ likes in the last hour and everyone thinks it is awesome thankyou.” Thankyou again, Kathryn Croft-Baker

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