Lulu And Timmy Conquer The Banner!

LuluJenkins&Domingo2015Equitility simply had to share this wonderful email from one of our competitors,Lulu Jenkins, in the Equitility Unaffiliated Showjumping League which is held at Bury Farm.
“Thankyou for running such a great competition for us unaffiliated lot!!! Ive met some lovely people along the way,and having fun trying to get points!!! I must admit I used to dread your banner, as I nearly fell off it the first time Domingo (timmy) saw it, as he needed a very long hard look at it, I did the 65cm and got elliminated and then the 75cm and same again!!! but then for some reason the next time he jumped it and has keept doing so!!! big relief!!lol its one of my favourite photos of when he first did it as i had a huge smile that we made it over, but then i nearly forgot where i was going as i didnt think id get passed it!!!maybe he just liked to read it!!
A bit about Domingo….hes 8 years old pure arab home bred, as was his mother and his grandmother!!! Im feeling old!! I had nowhere to practice jumping at home so pretty much everything hes learnt has been at shows,hes a very social boy and loves to be with people and watch at shows,long term plans are keep having fun and enjoy jumping!!”

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