EQUINE – Jump & Training Banners

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The Original, Hardwearing, Heavy Duty Jump & Training Banner

A modern take on the traditional rigid showjump filler, Equitility Jump and Training Banners have many advantages and encourage diversity in schooling. They can be used to practice a ditch or water tray, create a narrow corridor to pass through or introduce a surface change to step over. The more horse and rider are exposed to in the controlled environment of the school the better equipped they will be when meeting a similar situation outside – a narrow gateway while out hacking, spooky ringside banners etc..

Whether you are bringing on youngsters, running a riding school/club, training to be competitive, having fun at home or even promoting your product to the Equestrian world, Equitility Jump and Training Banners are a real alternative to wooden or plastic jump fillers.

Jump and Training Banners make economic sense as they are multiuse. Height is no longer a problem as they are completely adjustable simply by rolling up or down. They are soft and flexible which helps to reduce the risk of injury, however they instantly make a solid looking, impressive fence that won’t flap when secured with a pole in the bottom pocket.

Easy to move around, you will no longer be lugging cumbersome boards in and out of the training area. No need for extra storage space as they simply roll round a pole, or roll-up small enough to stow away in a locker. Easily transported, just roll-up and pop them in the back of your car or even post them to wherever they need to go.

Choose from a variety of showjump and cross-country designs or custom print.


  • Traditional coloured showjump designs
  • Impressive x-country style prints
  • Step over a surface change
  • Simulate a water tray / ditch
  • Create narrow spaces to pass through
  • Desensitise to ring-side banners
  • Easy to carry, erect & store
  • Instantly revitalise tired poles
  • Weather resistant, tear resistant
  • Printed with UV resistant inks
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Print your own design / logo