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How To Store Banners

Banners can be used and stored outside all year round. Roll rather than fold banners when stored. Folded banners will wear a crease which can eventually lead to cracking. The easiest way we have found to store banners is to leave one pole in a pole sleeve then roll the banner around the pole and stack with your other poles.

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NOTE: When using banners to walk your horse over:
1. Only walk on banners when they are on a soft, stone free surface like an arena
2. Make sure shoes are free from studs or anything likely to pierce the banner
3. Avoid doing this in freezing conditions when banners are more susceptible to damage
4. Do not leave poles in pole sleeves: if a pole is trodden on a horse is likely to slip onto the banner and put a foot through it. If using poles lay them on top of the banner.

Please note that Equitility is not liable for any accidents or injury incurred while using a Jump and Training Banner. These are suggestions of use only. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure that Jump & Training Banners are used in a safe and responsible way.